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The post notes that since April 1, the client will provide more detailed data about the use of the server. We're not sure how soon that data will be made public, though, or how it may be seen by players. What do you think of the news?Q: Android Support Library : AppCompat v21.1.0 How to disable the android support library v21.0.+ in my project? when i used android support library v21.0.+, it shows the error error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name 'android:Widget.Material.Spinner'. what is the alternative for this library in the android sdk? A: The problem is that the support library should be used for your project as a whole, not for each component. When you use android sdk, you need to specify the library version you want to use. E.g. for appcompat-v7 you should write: compile '' To download the version of the support library (compiled version of appcompat-v7) for your device type: build-tools version --target your-device If you don't have a specific device type for which you want to compile, then this command will download the library for the platform version. In your case it should be 23.0.0 (for API level 23) Weymouth receives first cannabis store; plans expansion The Weymouth Town Council approved permitting the opening of the first recreational cannabis store in Massachusetts on Tuesday. The store, which will be located at 25 New Beginnings Lane in the West End, plans to have a retail store opening of 10 a.m. on July 1, according to a press release from The Cannabis Company, the state’s first operator of regulated cannabis retail stores. “When recreational cannabis is legalized in Massachusetts, the market in Weymouth will be one of the largest and fastest growing in the state,” said Joe Stodola, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of The Cannabis Company. The company plans to operate a total of 11 stores across the state, with the first store in the Westport and a second in Weymouth. “I am very pleased




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Wizard101 Private Server nambel

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